Green Car Depollution launch the 'POWER' range

Green Car Depollution has built it's reputation by listening to our customers and collaborating with them to understand the needs of an ATF and the vehicle recycling industry. This, along with our highly skilled team of design engineers means that we have a history of creating and manufacturing some of the most robust and user friendly depollution equipment on the market.

With the number of vehicles being scrapped ever increasing, and our customers processing more than ever, we have again listened to their needs and are pleased to be able to introduce the POWER Range!

The range which consists of a Vehicle lift, Stand and All In One Depollution Systems, all offering a whopping 4.5 Tonne SWL which allows ATF's to process both cars and light commercial vehicles.

The lifts and stands arms have been extended in length and are adjustable to suit different sizes of vehicle. They have also been fitted with blocks to allow the easy access of cutting catalytic convertors from the exhaust.

As with all of our depollution systems, the POWER range is built with 1" pumps enabling high speed and efficient draining of fuels and liquids.

The range is already becoming our best selling, so get in touch if your also looking to POWER through your dismantling and depollution processes.

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