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Green Car’s Depollution Copart-nership

Industry experts Copart are gearing up for continued growth and Green Car were delighted to have provided the depollution equipment to handle the demands of their increasingly busy ELV operations.

Their brief was a compact and robust depollution system, enabling the safe and efficient processes that Copart demand. Green Car’s Industry workhorse “ALL IN ONE”™ Depollution System ticked all of those boxes. This system was chosen together with the vehicle “SIDE TIP” preparation stand, to streamline both the depollution & dismantling operation.

Copart’s York and Inverkeithing U-Pull-It sites are now fully functional and already reaping the benefits of new complete depollution installations.

Owen – U-Pull-It, Inverkeithing’s General Manager is impressed with the difference these systems have made to their capacity - ‘’We have seen upgrades on quality, safety and productivity with our new equipment”.

Green Car Systems are designed with not only safety and ease of use, but the functionality to speed up the operations. Employee welfare is a Copart priority and Owen was happy to confirm that their valued operators were “Very happy with the new equipment” adding the systems were “Safe to use and has improved the quality and efficiency of their work”.

Green Car carefully worked with Copart to maximise the productivity of the depollution area and they confirmed its success. “The stand being built in has improved the efficiency and overall layout of our working area within our depollution building”.

In addition to the new Depollution System installs at the U-Pull-It sites, Green Car have now installed our ‘De-Fuelling’ cabinet at the Avonmouth depot. This system will allow Copart operators to extract fuels from filler caps without damaging the fuel tanks. It also can transfer the fuel, safely and efficiently to storage tanks. At the same time, operators can check the quality of the fuel via the systems fuel quality control site glasses.

Olivia Hutchins, Managing Director of Green Car said: “We are proud of what we have achieved with this project. From day one with us listening to Copart’s needs, to having now provided a seamless delivery and installation service (ahead of schedule!). But we are also proud to be working with a company that’s so willing to adapt, accept our expertise and experience and work together with us as a team. This attitude and flexibility has enabled them to create a sustainable depollution and dismantling facility that’s really ahead of the curve.”

Izzie Hutchins, Business Development Manager of Green Car added: “Copart play a huge role in the vehicle recycling industry and their latest investment in this equipment shows their commitment to reducing the environmental impact of ELV’s. Green Car looks forward to continuing the partnership and improving their Depollution & Dismantling process for many years to come. ”

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