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Maintaining a Clean and Safe Vehicle Recycling Yard with Forklift Brooms

Effective yard maintenance is crucial for productivity and worker safety in vehicle recycling yards. However, debris accumulation can pose a significant challenge, especially for businesses that process a high volume of vehicles. To address this issue, UK-based supplier of vehicle recycling equipment, Green Car Depollution, offers a comprehensive solution to help businesses maintain a clean and safe environment.

One of their key offerings is the

forklift broom, a valuable tool that can be attached to the front of a forklift to clean the ground as the operator moves around the yard. The use of forklift sweepers provides numerous benefits for vehicle recycling yards, including enhanced safety by removing debris and other hazards from the ground. It also improves efficiency by saving time and effort compared to manual sweeping or using a separate cleaning machine. Additionally, regular use of forklift brooms can reduce maintenance costs as debris can cause damage to equipment or cause flat tyres.

Another significant benefit of forklift brooms is that they promote better environmental practices by containing and removing debris, reducing the risk of pollutants and contaminants entering the environment. Furthermore, maintaining a clean and organised yard enhances customer satisfaction and attracts new business by projecting a professional image.

As users of Green Car Depollution’s forklift brooms, SYNETIQ’s Director of Operations, Ray Curry, said:

“A clean yard is a safe yard! Helping us to achieve this is the super sweeper from Green Car Depollution (GCD).

Having tried automated sweeping machines that are both costly and high maintenance, we explored the new brush from GCD. We found it so easy to use, and, price-wise, the most cost-effective cleaning solution for all our sites.

There’s no hassle installing; just drive the forklift truck straight onto it, and away you go for fast and effective sweeping of roadways workshops and bailing plants.

We liked them so much we have them at all our sites in the UK.”

Find out more info on our forklift brooms here -

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