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AdBlue Recovery System

Our ADBLUE unit has been specifically designed for the market and is simple to use, the system comes with an ADBLUE extraction drill, the rubber housed drill top can be easily removed with a simple twist enabling you to sit the Rubber Drainage Funnel in its place, the drainage funnel is used for vehicles that have the drain plug on the bottom of the ADBLUE tank so you can drain directly into the Rubber Drainage Funnel, as well as this feature it also comes with pick up tools to enable you to get to vehicles that have multiple tanks.


This ADBLUE system includes our powerful 1” double diagram pump, the pump is enclosed in a smart steel cabinet on wheels, this enables you to move the unit in and out of the operation set up. The system comes with  fittings allowing you to pipe up the ADBLUE system to a bulk storage tank or directly into a 25ltr drum that sit’s underneath on the bespoke drum bracket.


The ADBLUE system includes a clear bowl filter housing and filter element to suit, enabling you to reuse the ADBLUE. With lot’s of companies running there fleet on ADBLUE it’s a great investment which can see good returns.


Technical Requirements: Air Requirement - 8bar, 70 - 80 CFM


AdBlue Recovery System

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