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All In One ™ with Power Stand Depollution System

Innovation is about simplicity of design, why add a vehicle stand to a Depollution Station when you can have it "All-In -One" Synonymous with practicality, Green Car has uniquely manufactured a super strong high grade 8mm steel walled depollution station to double as a vehicle stand saving space and money.


The fork arms have been extended in length and are adjustable, to be able to cope with cars as well as light commercials

The system includes 5 or 6 powerful 1” double diaphragm pumps for Petrol, Diesel, Oil,  Coolant/Screenwash and Brakefluid along with pick up tooling all easily to hand.


Complete with fast and powerful fuel suction via our fuel extraction tank drill and 4.5 Ton SWL vehicle stand this system is a must have.


All In One ™ with Power Stand Depollution System

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