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Automatic Motorised Wheel Balancer

Automatic wheel balancer is capable of balancing wheels up to 26” in diameter. The wheel size is entered automatically making the data entry process very quick and simple. This machine is complete and ready to use and is supplied with a set of cones, measuring callipers and weights pliers.


· High quality machine, with a powder coated painted cabinet.

· Easy to operate touch pad design

· Automatic data entry (Wheel size, distance)

· Multi – Operator Function

· Self calibration program

· Auto breaking

· 40mm shaft with quick release speed nut

· Cones, weight pliers and callipers included

· 10”- 26” Rim diameters

· 1.5”-20” Rim Width

· 240v Single Phase (13A Plug fitted)

· Optional Centre less adaptor, 

· Motorcycle adaptor, Extra-large cone                                                                            


Automatic Motorised Wheel Balancer

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