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Commercial Vehicles Depollution System

This system has been designed to recover fluids safely & efficiently from commercial vehicles. It can process the largest commercial vehicles on the road such as trucks & buses, as well as agricultural equipment.


It consists of 2 x individual mobile pump cabinets housing 4 x highly efficient 1" double diaphragm pumps for Diesel & AdBlue, Coolant, Oil and 1 x 1/2" pump for brake fluid.


It also comes complete with pickup tools for all fluids and recoil hose reels for diesel, AdBlue, coolant, waste oil and brake fluid. Diesel is recovered via the filler neck so there is no damage to the fuel tank, making this system suitable for both salvage and end of life (ELV) vehicles.


The mobile or fixed oil & coolant drainage trays are connected to the hose reels so that liquid can be pumped straight back to your storage tanks.


There is also the option for diesel quality control site glass, which allows the operator to send contaminated fuel to a separate dirty fuel tank.

Commercial Vehicles Depollution System

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