Tyre Rim Punch

Our Tyre Rim Punch is one of the most powerful on the market with it’s heavy duty motor it makes separating the tyre from Steel, Alloy, 4×4 and light commercial Rims effortless.


Seperates upto 24" Rims


The machine comes with a clear durable safety guard protecting the user and working area whilst the machine is operation. In addition to the safety guard it also comes with Safety lever and features making it a two handed operation. With the separated elements being more valuable you can gain a return on investment very quickly.


Further benefits of this machine include changeable accessories for separating Alloy & steel rims from the tyre, moveable support plate for different size wheels, built in mobile fork lift slots, most importantly fast, easy and safe to use!


Optional laser light to assist the operator in positioning the wheel on the machine.

Tyre Rim Punch


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