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How did you find the delivery and installation process? – Excellent. Delivery schedule and installation all went to plan as agreed.

How did you find the service you received whilst we were on site. How were our engineers? Excellent service. The engineers were able to identify further potential upgrades to improve our processes at the yard.

Was the quality of the installation to a good standard? – No issues to report. Everything went to plan.

How does our equipment compare to what you’ve had previously? – We have seen upgrades on quality, safety and productivity with our new equipment.

How do your operators find the equipment to use? – Very happy with the new equipment. Safe to use and has improved the quality and efficiency of their work.

Are you satisfied with the speed in which you can process a vehicle with the All In One? – Our depollution staff are very happy with the new equipment, and we have seen an upturn in our productivity.

How safe do you find the equipment? – We have not identified any safety issues with the new equipment

Has the compactness of the all in one improved the working area? I.e. the stand being built in. – The stand being built in has improved the efficiency and overall layout of our working area within our depollution building.

How have you found the aftersales service since having the equipment installed? – Excellent service has been provided by Izzie and Olivia.