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auto recycling equipment

Engineered for the environment

Green Car Depollution manufacture and supply auto recycling equipment to auto recyclers and dismantlers, capital machinery that removes the contaminates (Fuels and other liquids) from a scrapped vehicle before its components are recycled.

We are an award-winning company from the UKs engineering heartland. With vehicle depollution equipment that is stronger and processes faster than competitive brands, in eight years, from a start-up, we are now the UKs market leader due to our value and consistency.

Why are our customers buying from us?

- Quality, strength, speed
- We have come from a manufacturing background, so we can innovate and improve our equipment to customers’ feedback.
- Family business with family values
- Provide full customer service / after sales / support
- Well stocked spare consumable parts
- Reliable and honest

Case Study 1: Industry leader Recycling Lives, doubles productivity by installing Green Car Depollution Equipment

In 2018, after viewing all global depollution equipment, Recycling Lives initially selected Green Car because of equipment built quality and simplicity of design.
By installing the first Green Car Depollution Station next to their existing provider, it was found double the number of cars could be processed daily on a Green Car Depollution station.
Graeme Slater Operations Manager at Recycling Lives concluded after the trial that Green Car Equipment.

• Was more efficient
• Cleaner
• More reliable
• Increased productivity.
• Easier and safer to use.

The customer

Recycling Lives Limited are leading the industry of Car Recycling. With 12 sites nationwide, their aim is to make their flagship site at Preston Lancashire Europe’s most state-of-the-art recycling facility.

The 15.7 Acre site already has Europe’s first online Fragmentiser (metal sorter) and the aim was to upgrade all site equipment to the top specification available.

Recycling Lives combine their business around charitable and social causes.

The Requirement

Staff including those working on the Depollution Line are recruited from marginalised backgrounds. Previously unskilled, these vulnerable workers required safe, robust equipment that was reliable and easy to use.

Due to increased waste contracts, capacity had to be increased across multiple sites.

Value for money was also important as revenue was previously constantly lost on equipment breakdowns.
A new supplier would have to fit their ethical, environmental, and social compliance.

The Solution

The Green Car ‘All in One’ depollution station was selected. The robust vehicle stand column also houses the fuel drainage pumps, eliminating the requirement for separate housing.

The Green Car Fuel Tank machine drilling machine is designed for repeated use as in all Green Car Tools.

Simple design – expert process engineering, not adapted garage equipment design, found in competitors’ equipment.

Reliability and build excellence – Green Car benefit from its location in the UKs Aerospace manufacturing heartland. Many of our critical parts are manufactured by specialists in the aerospace supply chain making our products of superior quality to all competitors.

end of life vehicle depollution equipment

Case Study 2 / Editorial: Chase Metal Recycling – Small to Medium size vehicle dismantler

"Buy it once & buy it right - Green Car every time from now on”

"Our old end of life vehicle depollution equipment was OK, but due to increased volumes, I wanted to put an extra rig into use. We found that the All-In-One system doubled production times and we have not needed to use our old one. It's quite easy really, I was going to employ another member of staff to depollute cars, but for less than an annual salary, I have doubled production. He added: Buy it once & buy it right - Green Car every time from now on". Darren Owen, Director

"Far more efficient and streamlined"

"We have found the design of the machine to be very well thought through, processes are very logical to follow and is extremely user friendly. We are far more efficient, more streamlined and a lot more productive, than previously. We can process a lot more in a shorter space of time and with less staff" Clare Corbett, Account Manager

vehicle depollution equipment
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