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Inspections & Servicing

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Let Green Car Depollution take the stress out of maintaining the performance and safety of your Depollution & Dismantling equipment. Our team of engineers and fully stocked vans can come and resolve issues you maybe having or check equipment over periodically, to ensure your site is always running at full capacity with minimal costly down time.

Depollution System Service - we will inspect the condition of all major components from filters and hoses to floor bolts and pumps.

Vehicle Lift Inspections - our engineers will perform a thorough examination of your vehicle stands, lifts, ramps, or side tilter's.

Storage Tank Inspections - using our engineers expertise and some new technology we can inspect your tanks for things like dangerous leaks, and internal corrosion.

Compressor Service - as such a lot of your site equipment relies on the compressor to run it, it's really worth keeping it well maintained with our periodic maintenance and servicing!

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