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Our team of highly skilled engineers can come to you and deliver a wide range of training courses. We will get your staff up to speed with the operation and maintenance of your ELV processing equipment, as well as various recovery processes.

We offer the following training options - 

  • F gas Training and Certification - we come to your site and provide City & Guilds training and certification for the safe handling of refrigerants

  • Depollution Equipment Training - we will thoroughly run through the ELV depollution process using your drainage / dismantling systems to make sure your staff are competent and confident to use and maintain it. 

  • LPG Recovery Training - our engineers will train your staff how to use equipment to safely recover LPG from tanks.

  • Cat Cutter Training - your staff will be trained on how to safely and effectively remove cats from ELV's using a catalytic convertor cutter.

  • Airbag Deployment Training - we will train your staff how to safely deploy an ELV's airbag using a specialist machine..

** For training to take place you must already have the relevant equipment in good working order. If you don't all products are available to purchase from Green Car Depollution. 

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