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Recycling Lives with Green Car – Great British Success Stories.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

As featured by ATF Professional and Vehicle Recyclers' Association this month. One of the UK's biggest Vehicle Recyclers, Recycling Lives talk about why they choose Green Car Depollution Systems to keep their nationwide ATF's running at top speed!

Waste Management leaders Recycling Lives are a Great British success story and have chosen UK brand Green Car to replace and add to their expanding ELV depollution requirements.

Immediately impressed by the build quality and unique simplicity of design, a Green Car All in One had been installed, proving as the Recycling Live’s management later confirming that one machine could process substantially more ELVs than previous processes:

"More efficient”

“More Reliable”

“Productivity is up”

“Cleaner working environment”

Despite Lock down 11 design protected All in One depollution systems have already been rolled out across the first 4 sites, backed up by the original award winning Side Tip ELV prep stand and Green Cars state of the art pipework installations.

Four, all in Ones were installed at the Impressive 15 Acre Flag Ship Recycling Park in Preston which boasts Europe’s only online Fragmentiser! The All in Ones are reliably powering through the high input to keep up with this ground breaking facility but then its not surprising. Quality and reliability are in Award winning Green Cars blood, their depollution specialist Julian Dale is the son of a Rolls Royce Jet Engine designer!

The UK is truly world beating as targets continue to increase for reclaiming materials from ELVs. Green Car`s customers are leading the way and as a UK manufacturer Green Car are proud to supply four times Queens Award Winning Recycling Lives to ensure they continue to succeed. Now that’s a pedigree.

For more information on our depollution systems:

Contact: +44 (0) 1684 298084

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