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Air Con Recharge Regas Service Station R1234YF

Start making £££ from the recovery if your waste F-gas. By investing in a service station, you will be able to recover the gas from an ELV and not only will you save yourself in waste disposal costs you will be able to re-use the gas and recharge customers / employees cars. 


Thermal Printer • Starter Kit •Diagnostic Pack • 10KG Refrigerant Cylinder • R1234YF GAS
Includes Free F Gas License for one person at time of delivery**


Machine Components:
Fully Programmable
1Comprehensive Vehicle Database
10 KG Refrigerant Cylinder
Easy Read Pressure Gauges
Automatic Recovery / Vacuum/ Charge
Automatic Oil Discharge
100 L/ Min Vacuum Pump
400 G per Min Recovery Pump
Counters for Machine Servicing
Heater Blanket
Dashboard Facilities:
High Contrast Back Lit Digital Display
Membrane Keypad
Quick Stop Safety Button



Air Con Recharge Regas Service Station R1234YF

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