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Electric Vehicle EV Hand Tools & PPE Board

Our Hand Tools & PPE Board, specifically designed for the EV recycling industry enables you to keep all of your EV dismantling tools and safety equipment to hand, as well as keeping your workspace neat and tidy. 


The full board consists of the following, but all items can be purchased seperatly allowing you to choose the right products for your business. 



  • ProStore EV First Aid and Safety Panel WITH PRODUCTS
  • Workstation First Aid Kit with Wall Mount Bracket
  • First Aid Kit for Burns inc. H.F. Antidote Gel
  • Spill Response Kit for LITHIUM & NiMH Battery Electrolyte
  • Insulated Rescue Hook & Pole
  • ProStore EV Disconnect, Lockout & Signs Panel WITH PRODUCTS
  • Electrical Voltage Tester with LCD Display
  • Disconnect Shut Down Timer for EVs
  • Flexi-Head Combination Spanner - 3 PIECE SET - 10,11,12mm
  • Insulated STAR Key set Extra Long 9pc - VDE Certified
  • Insulated HEX Key Set Extra Long 6pc - VDE Certified
  • Nut Driver Set - 7pc - VDE Certified
  • Lockout Nylon Hasp
  • Insulated Safety Lockout Padlock
  • Isolation Port (MSD) Lockout Device
  • Padlock Lockout Tags for EV
  • Car Key Lockout Tags for EV
  • EV Warning Sign Pack
  • Vehicle Status Window Sign - Self Cling - 9pc. Pack
  • High Voltage Warning Vehicle Stickers – re-useable x 12
  • ProStore Mobile EV Safety Station ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS INCLUDED
  • Steering Wheel Lockout with Warning Sign
  • Electrical Safety Glove Kit with Storage Case
  • Electric Arc Protector Face Shield Visor - Lightweight
  • Face Shield Protective Storage Bag
  • Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat to IEC 61111 - 1 x 1m Mat
  • Translucent Insulating Shroud - Class 0 - 1m x 1.3m
  • Insulated Spring Loaded Plastic Clamp for shroud
  • Cable End Shrouds with Grip Collars - 3 piece set
  • Plastic Barrier Chain - YELLOW & BLACK - 25 metre length
  • Perimeter Hazard Warning Cone - Yellow
  • Insulated Tool Kit 1/2" Drive - 29-piece - VDE Certified
  • EHV Multimeter with Insulation Test - CATIII to 1,000VDC
  • Insulated Trim/Cable Management Tool Set - 4 pc.
  • Insulated Magnetic Pick Up Tool
  • Insulated Inspection Mirror 50mm

Electric Vehicle EV Hand Tools & PPE Board

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