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Electric Vehicle EV Hand Tools & PPE Board

Our Hand Tools & PPE Board, specifically designed for the EV recycling industry enables you to keep all of your EV dismantling tools and safety equipment to hand, as well as keeping your workspace neat and tidy. 


The full board consists of the following, but all items can be purchased seperatly allowing you to choose the right products for your business. 


  • High Voltage/No Admittance Sign
  • Insulated Rescue Pole
  • Electric Shock First Aid Poster
  • Plastic Folding Safety Barrier
  • High Voltage Sign (Double Sided)
  • Disconnect Shut Down Timer
  • High Voltage Tester CAT IV
  • Insulated Tool Kit 3/8"D 50pc
  • Insulated Open Ended Spanner Set 7pc
  • Extra Long Insulated Hex Key Set 6pc
  • Extra Long Insulated Star Key Set 9pc
  • Insulated Trim Removal Tool Kit 1000V
  • Flex & Grip Electrical Insulating Gloves Large
  • Cotton Underliner Gloves Packof 10 Pairs
  • Glove Storage Bag
  • Protective Arc Flash Face Shield 1000V rated
  • ELEC EV Safety Work Boots (choose your size)
  • Green Car Depollution EV Shadow Board
  • Mobile Trolley for Shadow Board
  • Base Shelf for Shadow Board

Electric Vehicle EV Hand Tools & PPE Board

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