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EV, Hybrid, ICE Depollution & Dismantling System

This universal ‘All In One’ system allows ATF’s to dismantle EV’s as well as depollute  hybrid and normal ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles.


For EV Dismantling:


  • Adjustable forks to allow full unrestricted access to different sizes of EV batteries, underside the vehicle
  • Interchangeable fork accessories including cradles when wheels present &  support pads for when they aren't.
  • 3.5T Lifting capacity suitable for cars & light commercials


For Hybrid & ICE Depollution:


  • 5 or 6 powerful 1” double diaphragm pumps for Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Coolant, Screenwash & Brakefluid along with pick up tooling, all easily to hand. 
  • Complete with fast and powerful fuel suction via our fuel extraction tank drill.
  • Fuel