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Fuel / Storage Tank Management Systems

Our user-friendly dashboard interface allows Transport Managers to gain traceability of     liquid stock with a simple swipe of a screen or the click of a button. The enhanced flexibility of our systems produces superior and accurate reports, making it one of the most versatile fuel management systems available on the market today.

Ideal for - Fleet Fuel Management  Depolluted Fuel Management  Storage Tank Monitoring



• Various connection options available

• Multiple site control and reporting

• Mix and match configuration for multiple site connection

• Each terminal can control / monitor up to 16 pumps & tanks simultaneously

• True cloud, real time software

• Access to the software is via secure link & is password protected

• Different security levels of password access

• Transactions & tank stocks are downloaded instantly (Live)

• Dashboard type warnings will flag up any incidents out of the ordinary

• Email of any alert condition to any number of email addresses you choose

• Genuine 24/7 help line & service support

• Manage 3000 vehicles, Manage 3000 drivers

• RFID user tags (non-contacting) can be assigned to vehicle, driver or both

• Life time guarantee on user tags

• Secret code to identify Vehicle & Driver without the need for additional tags

• Vehicle fuel limits can be set according to vehicle tank size or daily usage

• Vehicle / Driver can be set up, or disabled in under 1 minute

• Vehicle & Driver information is held on island terminal to allow refuelling in case of comms fault

• Instant MPG per vehicle

• Wireless automatic mileage capture via vehicle telematics

• Import offsite re-fuelling’s manually or from company card

• Export reports in excel/csv format enabling you to link into other excel documents

• Pumps can be disabled remotely

• Pumps can be re-enabled & put back into service remotely

• Pumps can be authorised for use remotely, without need for tag or card

• Can link into Electronic tank gauges to give up to the minute Live Tank Gauge Readings

• Low cost additional controllers available for wash / gate / access control

• More than 15,000 active “Live” systems in use in over 25 countries inc USA, Canada, Australia, • New Zealand & throughout Europe  

Fuel / Storage Tank Management Systems

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