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GC4 Depollution System

The GC4 Depollution System has been designed to
profesionallise and make efficient, the process of
depolluting ELV’s.


The GC4 has a compact, ergonomic and easy to maintain &use design.

Although compact, this system comes fully equipped with 4 powerful pumps -


1 x Pump for - Petrol/Diesel (combined)

1 x Pump for – Waste Oil

1 x Pump for - Screenwash/Coolant (combined)

1 x Pump for – Brakefluid


It’s also supplied with a comprehensive set of pick up tooling all
easily to hand.


The sleek cabinets allow direct access to
the systems pumps and internal components. The  separate unit design means they
can be laid out to the customer requirements. They
can work alongside your own existing vehicle lift / stand, or purchased with
with one of Green Car’s range. The design also means that if required, two operators can simultaneously depollute a vehicle at the same time.

To further improve efficiency, the drill heads components work to provide
a clean finish on the fuel tank and coupled with the vacuum that it
creates, maximum fuel drainage is achieved. 

GC4 Depollution System

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