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Petrol (Gas) Tanks

We supply a range of fuel safe storage tanks, they are designed and approved for the above ground storage of vehicle fuel. They can be installed either inside or outside.

These tanks are available in sizes of either 200, 500, 995 or 3,000 Litres. All models can be fitted with a fuel dispensing pump for re-use of fuel and a lockable cabinet to house and secure the pump. Larger units are available, please contact us for details.       


• Double wall design.

• Inside and outside hot dip Galvanized for protection against corrosion. Optional Extras: Inside raw, outside lacquered.

• Innovative active and permanently working vacuum leak monitoring system  working without any power supply.

• Explosion blast-proof construction (Petrol (Gas) tanks only).

• Manhole cover with rim to collect small quantities of fluid spillage


Petrol (Gas) Tanks

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