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Depollution & Dismantling Powerlift™

Strength, reliability, safety, speed and ease are the foundation of the Green Car Depollution & Dismantling POWER LIFT


Designed and manufactured specifically for the busiest operations featuring the heavy duty construction and components. The unique design is balanced for continuous loading.


The fork arms have been extended in length and are adjustable, to be able to cope with cars through to light commercials. They are also fitted with support blocks to  allow the easy access of cutting catalytic convertors from the exhaust.   


· Powerful lifting - 4.5 Ton L.O.L.E.R safe working load.

· Extra strength single column design.

· Manufactured and tested in the UK to exacting L.O.L.E.R. standards.

· Fail Safe Locking Device.

· Built in safety features.

· Forks are fixed to tilted position to

  Increase maximum fuel drainage.

Depollution & Dismantling Powerlift™

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