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2023 - That's a Wrap!

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

At Green Car Depollution, our customers are not just clients; they are partners in our mission! We've listened to your needs, integrated your feedback, and strived to exceed your expectations. The equipment we manufacture has ultimately been designed and built in collaboration with our customers, the industries most respected and professional vehicle recyclers. The Green Car team pick their favourite equipment installation highlights of 2023:

Pylle Motors

Pylle have expanded by taking over a well established site earlier in the year, and shortly after swapped out it's already existing equipment to a Green Car GC5 Depollution System, which they also have at their other busy site in Shepton Mallet.

S Nortons - Manchester - Norton's needed something efficient and robust to help them work through the high volumes of tyres and vehicles they need to dismantle so they chose a Green Car Tyre Rim Punch + Vehicle Side Tip Preperation Stand.

ASM Autos -

2 x All In One™ Powerlift™ Depollution and Dismantling System. Having already supplied ASM with multiple depollution systems & more, they have now added these impressive award winning systems to keep up with the demand for depolluting + breaking ELV's.

Ward - Ilkeston

GC5 Depollution System with 4.5T Power Stand. Ward needed to upgrade some old, tired equipment & chose to go with Green Cars classic high volume GC5 System

Copart (U Pull It) York -

2 x Vehicle Side Tip Preperation Stand

Copart (U Pull It) Inverkeithing -

2 x Vehicle Side Tip Preperation Stand

Both sites added these side tips to work alongside their All In One systems, giving them a comprehensive ELV processing set up.

Big Atom

A business processing huge volumes of tyres needed something fast, easy to use and robust. Our Tyre Rim Punch ticked all of the boxes...

Abbey Metal Recycling -

All In One™ Powerlift Depollution & Dismantling System. Abbey already have a mixture of GC5, All In One™ Systems and lifts, but required yet another to be added to their ever expanding business.

A1 Car Spares

A1 already have 3 of Green Car's GC5 depollution systems, but this year they decided to add our award winning All In One™ Depollution System to help manage the ever increasing number of ELV's they get.


Another business investing into their ELV processing this year is MLB. This is now the 3rd All In One™ Depollution System they have at their busy site in Rotherham.

You can find more info on all of the featured products here -

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