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A1 Car Spares & Green Car Depollution – Two market leaders driving towards a Greener future.

Around 1.5 - 2 million End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV’s) are processed in the UK each year, and collectively we are doing a great job of recycling them – an estimated 85-90%

However, the recycling process itself can pose another problem; the dismantling of ELV’s can cause hazardous fluids to leak, contaminating the environment as well as harming the extracted components that are to be recycled.

BMRA member, A1 Car Spares, knows only too well of the challenges of depolluting and dismantling cars - they have up to 30,000 coming through their expansive site in Wokingham per year. With a continuous influx of ELV’s checking in, they require equipment that not only processes these vehicles quickly, but also safely. With this many vehicles full of waste fuel, oil and more, the risk of contamination to the ground and the recyclable metal is high.

A1 have always taken this very seriously and have been at the forefront of depolluting vehicles in the proper way since day one, but in 2011 they met with Green Car Depollution to discuss how they could further improve their operation.

Green Car Depollution are the UK’s market leading manufacturer of ELV recycling equipment. The company produce innovative, high speed and robust pumping systems for draining fuel, oil, coolant, screen wash and brake fluid from an ELV before it’s dismantled for spare parts and bailed.

After a few years of Green Car Depollution looking after A1’s existing equipment and building a trusted relationship, 2017 saw A1 decide to invest in one of their systems. As the metal recycling business grew and the number of cars kept increasing, so did the requirement for more equipment. A1 were so impressed with their new system that later that year they purchased two more, a further two in 2018, and in 2023 they will have a state of the art award winning ‘All In One™’ depollution system! With so many systems in place, A1 have maximised their depollution capacity and can safely dispose of huge amounts of waste liquids. Even better, they can re-use the fuel taken from ELV’s as it’s further filtered and cleaned – in fact it’s so clean it recently saved our directors day, after visiting the site on an almost empty tank of fuel by accident!

Claire Djemal, A1 Operations Manager, said of the new equipment – “The quality of the products never fails to impress us. The transition between the vehicles is a lot smoother and extraction is fast and efficient.

As well as an extensive range of depollution equipment, A1 have also invested in Vehicle Preparation Side Tips and Stands, which further enable their operators to remove as many re-usable / recyclable parts from the ELV’s as possible, minimising the environmental impact of the vehicle. The range of equipment not only allows for cars to be processed, but also light commercials.

This year, A1 have already disposed of 28.4 tonnes of engine oil alone and so echoing Izzie’s comments, Claire of A1 said –

Using proper equipment improves the efficiency and reliability of the depollution process. The systems are fully equipped to process all vehicle types and the fixtures and fittings included make for ease of use and removal of all hazardous residues. We are confident that by the time the car is baled, the maximum amount of contaminants are removed.”

A1 Car Spares and Green Car Depollution, two committed family businesses working together, using their companies’ environmental values, innovation and experience to pave the way for a greener auto recycling future.

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